Krishnalaya Improvements

Thanks to your timely support through your donations, Chinmaya Mission West has started the Krishnalaya improvements. The below improvements have been completed.
  • Changed all non-working faucets and shower heads in rooms
  • Efficient toilets replaced inefficient ones in rooms
  • Replaced all beds with new twin beds, mattresses and pillows
  • In the Shruti hall (lecture hall), installed new Audio/Video (new controller room with window, new wiring, 2 – 85” TV monitors, mics, speakers, etc.)
  • Remodeled the office by adding a reception area
  • Added a new welcome sign
The following improvements are in progress:
  • Started installation of new AC/Heat Pump units in all the rooms
Should you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us through this email: